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Samuel and Albarran, the Lawmen

Samuel Hill has his sheriff badge slightly hidden, to show it only when it has to. He doesnt' like to impose his own way to see things on others, and his way of understanding law is lax. He still carries some clothes of his son over him, supposedly deceased on war. (The body wasn't found)

Albarrán McCall is the self proclamed sherif's helper. Though Samuel hasn't given him any power, Al defends the law the best he can. He used to be a barber, but how has taken his weapon to get rid of the Thousand Fingers. I wanted for him a redish palette, to show his impulsive behaviour.

Cristina charneco samuel final 1920longest

Samuel Hill, the sheriff.

Cristina charneco sheet samuel bycharneco

Part of the process followed to design Samuel.

Cristina charneco albarran final 1920longest

Albarrán, his 'helper'.

Cristina charneco sheet albarran bycharneco

Part of the process followed to design Albarrán.