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Briar, the maiden

This is part of the #WildWest Challenge, and you can find the work complete on my portfolio

Name: Luna Briar
Faction/Job: Townsfolk
About her:
- She used to stay at home, but after her husband was killed on the latest Thousand Finger's attack, she has decided to fight them back, tho' she really fear them.
- She carries her's husband pocket watch still with her.
- She's a very strong woman, so she's decided no to wear black and stay whit strong and defiant colors.
- She has that lamp that can frighten the spirit that accompanies Darcio. She still doesn't know what it does or why it is that, but she's decided to use that on her advantage.

Cristina charneco bria bycharneco

Final character design.

Cristina charneco sheet briar bycharneco

Part of the process followed to design Briar.

Cristina charneco briar small