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This is part of the #WildWest Challenge, and you can find the work complete on my portfolio

Name: Phoebe
Faction/Job: Townsfolk, Miner
About her:

- Phoebe lives in Deadhill, alongside with Briar and the lawmen.
-She was there when the Thousand fingers attacked the village, and she used what she has on hand to fight them back.
-She has started to talk a lot with Briar, and now is something like her bodyguard.
-She has some friends amongst the indian tribes, and helped Elsie to reach them when she was wounded.

Cristina charneco phoebe final1920

Phoebe, the Miner.

Cristina charneco sheet phoebe bycharneco

Part of the process followed to design Phoebe.

Cristina charneco phoebe small bycharneco